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Grout Transformations™ Silicon Replacement Bathrooms and Showers  Sunshine Coast
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Silicon Replacement Sunshine Coast

Silicon Replacement Bathrooms and Showers Sunshine Coast


Remove and Replacing Silicon

Silicon, the waterproof barrier around your shower floors, shower walls, bathtub, and sink, is an essential line of protection against water damage. Over time, most silicon will develop mould, mildew, peel, or crack. If left untreated, the areas where the silicon has gone bad will leave your shower and bath tub exposed to water leaking behind your walls, which will result in severe water damage and costly repairs. It is very important to maintain the silicon around areas exposed to water, especially your shower and bathtubs. New silicon will not only provide a waterproof barrier but will also dramatically improve the look of your shower, bath tub, and sink.

There is another really good and common reason to have your silicon removed and replaced. If you have ever tried to clean the black mildew and mould stains from silicon you know that it does not come clean. That is because the mould and mildew stains are behind the silicon, in the pores of the silicon, or in-between the silicon and the wall. The only correct solution to this problem is to completely remove all of the old silicon, thoroughly clean and dry the joint to get rid of all mould and mildew, then apply new silicon or silicone.

Get rid of the nasty, unsightly mould and mildew stains and save money! In addition to saving money from not having costly water damage repairs, having Grout Transformations™ professionally remove your old silicon and replace it with new will save you time and bring your shower and bath tub back to new as well as being completely waterproof.

We remove and replace old silicon in showers, shower door enclosures, bath tubs, sinks, baseboards, kitchen counter tops, and more!

Grout Transformations™ Silicon Replacement Bathrooms and Showers Sunshine Coast.

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