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Grout Transformations™ Water Damaged Tiles and Grout  Sunshine Coast
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Water Damaged Tiles & Grout Sunshine Coast

Water Damaged Tiles and Grout Sunshine Coast

Flooding from external sources, plumbing failures, damaged tiles, or water leaks could result in mould or water damage in your home. Grout Transformations™ have 20 years of experience, will repair and clean up the problem fast! We guarantee your satisfaction!

Our water damage restoration service includes a team of mould remediation specialists that will provide mould removal and restoration services from water damage of any kind in your home or commercial building.

Water Damage Tile & Grout Repair on the Sunshine Coast

What causes water damage in Sunshine Coast homes and commercial buildings?

Two main factors cause water damage in Sunshine Coast buildings.

  • Moisture leaking through the tiles due to damaged tiles.
  • Moisture leaking through due to old and deteriorated silicon.
  • Water leaking through to damaged grout in your tiles.
  • Water Steam vapour being trapped inside a room

In Queensland’s rainy and humid climate, damage from water and water Steam vapour is a constant concern.

Both older and newer buildings on the Sunshine Coast can require water damage repair for various reasons. Some older buildings were not built sufficiently to withstand the barrage of water they experience annually during the rainy season. In addition, end-of-life-span and natural aging of building materials can result in cracks where water seepage can infiltrate a building.

Newer buildings on the Sunshine Coast, which are more airtight due to Building design and Air-conditioning sometimes aren’t able to manage excess humidity. When Steam vapour gets trapped inside a room serious problems with building material deterioration and mould growth can develop.

Water Damaged Tile & Grout Sunshine Coast.

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